About us


Asia Discovery travel was founded by travel specialists who worked in travel industry since 1990s. We are one of leading local travel company in Vietnam, so we have firsthand knowledge of each country in Asia where we offer. All our itineraries are bespoke and we will try our best to tailor make itineraries to satisfy your desires: you can find different samples of our itineraries such as cultures tours, history tours, adventures tours, eco tours, MICE and tailor make tours. Asia discovery travel provide services base on small group and private basis, so quality of services is our utmost care and we always provide services with customer services oriented mind and pay attention to small details of services to make sure that you have good holidays.

As our Vietnamese proverb: “travelling one day, learning a basket of wisdom” so travelling with us, you not only sightseeing, but also discovering cultures, history and custom and experiences different color of Asia life. Joining with us to discover Asia!

Our Vision & Our Mission

– To become one of leading travel companies in Vietnam for both inbound and outbound market.
– To provide good travel services for both international and Vietnamese.
– To promote and introduce about Vietnam and asia to you and foreign friends!.
– To practice sustainable tourism –
– To contribute developments of local economy through tourism and communities projects:

Our commitments:

Quality of services:
we always consider your satisfaction is our success, so we have been building good net works services to provide for our clients. Our staffs were well trained about our products and our customer services, so they have been working hard on each details of booking to make sure that you have good memorable holidays of life times and you are peace of mind when you booked services with us. We also try to provide a value added services such as a bottle of waters, wet tissues or nice presents for your special anniversary such as honeymoon, birth day or wedding anniversary.

Our prices: we set up with services net works in regions and we have good power of purchasing, so we can provide wide range of services to match of your budgets and value of money.

Our safety policy: safety in your trip is our utmost care, so we well trained our staffs and suppliers about our safety policy. We also advise that you must buy fully travel insurance pre trip

Responsible tourism:

We committed to practice sustainable tourism and we well train our staffs and our suppliers, local people about our commitments with our clients and partners as follow:

• Protecting environments and tourism resources.
• Respecting, maintaining and promoting local cultures, customs.
• Contribute to local economy development from tourism in sustainable ways .

Why book with Asia Discovery travel?

• We are local operator, so we have firsthand experience of each of the countries that we offer.
• We pioneer fresh, exciting holiday ideas with unique products in each of our chosen destinations.
• We provide expert advice on our destinations, and keep up to date with developments in each of our countries on a daily basis.
• We are committed to caring for our clients before, during and after travel and build relationships with our clients through friendly and personal service that we are able to offer as a small company.
• All our holidays are bespoke and we will do our utmost to accommodate your desires wherever possible.
• All our holidays are fully insured and well care not only about quality of services, but also safety to peace of mind to our client